Somaliland:Officer in Charge of Mandera Prison Fired after Inmate Dies under Mysterious circumstances

The commanding officer in charge of Mandera prison was relieved of his duties after the one prisoner serving a sentence of unspecified years died inside the high security jail under mysterious circumstances two days ago.


The commanding officer in charge of the prison is said to have been fired on the spot by his superiors for failing to prevent the death of the prisoner and has been replaced by another officer from Berbera Prison.

Unnamed officer said the dead man who is said to be serving a sentence of several years committed suicide but this cannot be verified because neither prison authorities nor have the government of Somaliland issued any statement on the death of the prisoner.

Somaliland government has the morally responsibility of safeguarding prisoners in its custody and it must setup inquest for the causes of deaths of prisoners in held in its detention centers and determine the cause of each prisoner’s death.

Prisoners have in the past complained about the inhumane conditions at the Mandera maximum Prison of which the circumstances of many of the deaths being described by Corrections officials as ”natural causes” were more indicative of medical neglect, access to care issues and delays in getting appropriate care.

In another recent incident which occurred outside the Gabiley police headquarters, a man committed suicide outside the police station after due to inaction on the part of the police for failing to arrest a man he had accused of inflicting bodily injuries on him.


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