President Ahmed Silanyo Visited Area Damaged by Storm in Berbera

President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo visited the area in Berbera where the rains and storm caused property damage and injured many people. The President also visited the people at the hospital and spoke with them about the damage the Storm caused to their property and themselves. The President visited the hospital to meet with those who sustained physical injury from the Storm. Afterwards the President spoke with the media and he told the Somaliland people that his government is absolutely committed to support those who were damaged by the storm in many cities in Somaliland including Berbera. The President told the people that he gave the order to his government to help these people in any way they can. He said "We will take care of our own people and we'll spare no effort".

Somaliland has also offered assistance to Puntland region of Somalia who received far more damages from the the same rains and storm that went through the region. President Ahmed Silanyo said "we wish to help Puntland when they are in dire need as a result of damages caused by natural disaster. That is being good muslim, good Somali, and good neighbor".

Source: Somaliland National Radio.

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