Welcome to Somaliland Mission in USA http://somaliland.us/ Sat, 20 Jan 2018 21:06:56 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb President Ahmed Silanyo Visited Area Damaged by Storm in Berbera http://somaliland.us/index.php/130-president-ahmed-silanyo-visited-area-damaged-by-storm-in-berbera http://somaliland.us/index.php/130-president-ahmed-silanyo-visited-area-damaged-by-storm-in-berbera

President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo visited the area in Berbera where the rains and storm caused property damage and injured many people. The President also visited the people at the hospital and spoke with them about the damage the Storm caused to their property and themselves. The President visited the hospital to meet with those who sustained physical injury from the Storm. Afterwards the President spoke with the media and he told the Somaliland people that his government is absolutely committed to support those who were damaged by the storm in many cities in Somaliland including Berbera. The President told the people that he gave the order to his government to help these people in any way they can. He said "We will take care of our own people and we'll spare no effort".

Somaliland has also offered assistance to Puntland region of Somalia who received far more damages from the the same rains and storm that went through the region. President Ahmed Silanyo said "we wish to help Puntland when they are in dire need as a result of damages caused by natural disaster. That is being good muslim, good Somali, and good neighbor".

Source: Somaliland National Radio.

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Ka Soo Qayb Gal Shirka Wadada Ceergaabo Axada - Nov 3-deeda http://somaliland.us/index.php/129-ka-soo-qayb-gal-shirka-wadada-ceergaabo-axada-nov-3-deeda http://somaliland.us/index.php/129-ka-soo-qayb-gal-shirka-wadada-ceergaabo-axada-nov-3-deeda

Wasiirrada Madaxtooyada, Arr. Dibada, Wakiilada Dibada Oo Qabanaya Shir Dhinaca Telefoonka Ah (Lambaradan Kala Xidhiidh)

Baaq: Qurbajooga Somaliland Ka Soo Qayb Gal Shir Telephoneka ah (Axada, Bisha November 3deeda):

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President Silanyo Attends Graduation Ceremony at Amoud University http://somaliland.us/index.php/128-president-silanyo-attends-graduation-ceremony-at-amoud-university http://somaliland.us/index.php/128-president-silanyo-attends-graduation-ceremony-at-amoud-university

President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud (Silanyo) attended a graduation ceremony of more than 415 students who graduated from the prestigious Amoud University in Awdal region.  President Silanyo speaking during the Graduation ceremony told graduates that they are expected to become leaders in their communities and public services and capable of becoming fully competitive in all sectors.

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Somaliland: President Silanyo Appeals for Increased HIV/Aids Interventions http://somaliland.us/index.php/127-somaliland-president-silanyo-appeals-for-increased-hiv-aids-interventions http://somaliland.us/index.php/127-somaliland-president-silanyo-appeals-for-increased-hiv-aids-interventions

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – The president of Somaliland Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo during a meeting of the Somaliland National HIV/Aids Commission said "We appeal to the international community, affluent citizens in and out of the country as well as other well-wishers to support financially and materially the activities of SOLNAC' said president Silanyo

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President Silanyo Approved Military Promotions http://somaliland.us/index.php/126-president-silany-approved-military-promotions http://somaliland.us/index.php/126-president-silany-approved-military-promotions

HARGEISA (Somalilandsun) – 10,000 serving officers pooled from the three branches of Somaliland Armed forces are to be awarded relevant ranks. In presidential decree #JSL/M/XERM/249-1948/082013 the head of state president Ahmed Mahmud Has directed the ministry of Defence to institutionalize the chain of command within the armed forces by finalizing the award of ranks.

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Every Woman Deserves Obstetric Care Fit for a Queen http://somaliland.us/index.php/125-every-woman-deserves-obstetric-care-fit-for-a-queen http://somaliland.us/index.php/125-every-woman-deserves-obstetric-care-fit-for-a-queen

Edna Adan wrote article in HuffingtonPost.com: After retiring from the UN, I returned home to Somaliland to build my own hospital, the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital, which opened in 2002. Since then, the hospital's nurses and doctors have delivered more than 14,000 babies, performed several thousand general surgeries, and trained over 800 nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians, and pharmacists.

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Genel & Others Decide Risk is Worth It http://somaliland.us/index.php/124-genel-decides-risk-is-worth-it http://somaliland.us/index.php/124-genel-decides-risk-is-worth-it

Genel decides risks is worth it searching for oil in Somaliland but if Somaliland becomes oil-rich thanks to Genel, the question of how to divide the spoils could hasten a political settlement with Mogadishu — or ignite a new conflict.
Tony HaywardTony Hayward

Somalilandsun - Finding oil could be the least of Genel Energy's problems. If the explorer fronted by Tony Hayward finds as much of the black stuff as it expects to, it may find itself in the middle of several territorial disputes in one of the world's most volatile regions.

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We Commend and Welcome Figifuliye Community http://somaliland.us/index.php/123-we-commend-and-welcome-figifuliye-community http://somaliland.us/index.php/123-we-commend-and-welcome-figifuliye-community

EDITORIALKing Burmadow who played a prominent role in the reconciliation addresses the gathering King Burmadow who played a prominent role in the reconciliation addresses the gathering

Somalilandsun - Somalilanders should support to the hilt their brethren as contentment in the essence of the nationhood takes root.

The show of the hundreds of youth who decided to dump the distracters' ideas and their doomed insurgency is worth all the praise.

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